Tire Iron Saves Life

Meredith Andrews husband Jacob Sooter used a tire iron to save a life! Meredith shared a tire iron photo on her “Instagram saying “this is a tire iron, a handy device used in chaging a flag. But tonight @jacobsooter used it for an entirely different purpose… To save someone’s life. My husband is a hero.”

On the way to the airport Meredith and husband Jacob came up on a car stopped at an intersection. Meredith says most card were driving around but they noticed a few people in the street outside the parked car banging on the windows and trying to open the doors. Turns out the had passed out from a drug overdose and had needle still in hand. Meredith’s husband jumped out of the car, saw the driver and grabbed the tire iron from his truck and busted out the back window of the car.

Meredith says she was sitting in the truck praying in the Spirit and calling down heaven. Paramedics were called and an ambulance arrived on scene, pulled the driver from the car and he became responsive.

Meredith continued by saying the shape of the tire iron “a cross” and it was a reminded how “Jesus used a cross to break down all the doors and windows that kept Him from getting to us. He would do absolutely anything to reach us right where we were and rescue us, and that is what He did.”

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